dummy 5.02 million stray cattle in India (as of 2019)

According to the World Animal Protection Report, 2010, up to 50 million cows are suffering in dairy farms across India in unacceptable conditions.

40 million cows and bulls aged above 12 at risk of being abandoned (as of 2012)
dummy Holy Cow Lakshyam is a for-profit organisation that supports rural women and cow welfare by promoting eco-friendly and chemical free products Supporting 3 mothers
Cow, Woman, and Earth
dummy Offering products across categories - Home-utility, Healthcare, Spiritual and Gardening created with immense love and gratitude Eco-friendly and chemical free
dummy “हौली काऊ लक्ष्यम में गायों के द्वारा प्रोडक्ट्स बना कर मुझे बेहद ख़ुशी और मजबूत महसूस होता है” (Creating products through cows at Holy Cow Lakshyam gives me immense happiness and makes me feel strong) dummy We offer organic, affordable, environment-friendly & cruelty-free products which have medicinal traits and promote women upliftment. Why Us | हम क्यों ? dummy

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Our Products

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Spiritual Care

Worshipping and glorifying has been an imperative ritual in our Indian culture. Holycow Lakshyam has introduced its Spiritual Product Range to help you with all pious occasions. Use our products to spread positive energy all around.

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Home Utility Care

Our home care products are natural and contain no toxins. Over the years, Homecare products have grabbed the attention of customers by keeping their households clean.

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Gardening Care

Build your garden by using Holycow Lakshyam's gardening care products. Our products not only make your garden beautiful but they ensure to keep it organic and environmentally sustainable in its full potential.

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Health care products have grown due to increased awareness about a healthy lifestyle. Holycow Lakshyam offers a wide range of health care products. Our bestseller for years has been the health tonic which is helpful in getting rid of any ailment.

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Product Life Cycle

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Our Impact

About us

HolyCow Lakshyam is working to bring a holistic impact to society by creating environment friendly, healthy and chemical-free products for the benefit of the community. Our products are handmade thus generating source of employment for rural women. Through this initiative we are trying to tackle one of the biggest problems of our country – Cattle Management, by providing assistance to the rescued cows in Barsana.

We are able to create the  impact because our partners HolyCow Foundation, Shri Mataji Gaushala & Lakshyam NGO. The product packaging is done will immense care and we ensure it is biodegradable and recyclable. We also collect our empty plastic bottles back also & give a discount to our customers for returning it.

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medicinal traits
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women upliftment

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Visit Our Farm in Barsana

A visit to our cattle farm is ideal for anyone who loves cows and is interested in having a deeper look into their daily lives. You will get hands on information on how we manage to take care of the cows and nurture them with everything best.

You will learn about the housing facilities, feeding methods, meet our lovely caretakers, products made and the story behind our concept. Also, you may try giving a massage to a cow or help with mucking out and feeding.

Call Us: +91-9310473536 or Email at info@holycowlakshyam.co.in

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    Holy Cow lakshyam , a social enterprise has formulated products with ingredients that are taken from organic backgrounds and have medicinal and eco-friendly traits, benefitting you & the community as a whole.