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The Benefits of Unrefined Sugar

Sugar has been demonized by many experts as the main cause of many health problems like obesity, stroke and cardiovascular diseases. However, not all sugars are devil enough to trigger health issues and undermine human’s body. In fact, there are so many kinds of sugar products in the market, and some of them are notorious with labels of “organic sugar cane”, while some without fancy packages are truly wholesome to human body. As the awareness of being healthy and pursuing a less-sugar lifestyle spreads widely, people desire for some healthy alternatives to the artificial sweeteners. What is highly recommended by scientists and doctors is the unrefined sugar.

What is unrefined sugar?

Is unrefined sugar the same as raw sugar? Does unrefined sugar not go through any refining procedure? What kind of sugar can be characterized as unrefined sugar?

Naturally, it is common to have problems with unrefined sugar and by reading the following pages, I believe you can find the correct answers to these questions.

It must be pointed out that all sugars from sugarcane go through a series of production processes, but some are more than others. The production of unrefined sugar starts from the collection of fresh sugarcane for clarifying the cane juice, which is going to be boiled for concentration. This procedure generates a sticky dark syrup, called molasses, which surrounds the pure sugar crystals. Afterwards, there is no centrifugation ( during this step, a spinner will be used to separate sugar crystals from molasses) with a result that the molasses around the crystals are retained and, typically, are not centrifuged. So the unrefined sugar is also called uncentrifuged sugar. However, through heating, clarifying, and dehydrating cane juice, the refined sugars have all of the original cane molasses left off by centrifuging. Likewise, the raw sugar has most of its molasses removed .

With 8 – 14% molasses, unrefined sugars’ crystals are capable of holding a strong flavor and dark brown color. The sugar content is composed of around 90% sucrose and 5% glucose and fructose . It is the molasses that makes the unrefined sugar highly accepted by the mass public.

The influential benefits of unrefined sugar

  • Unrefined sugars contain natural ingredients such as calcium, magnesium and iron. At the same time they hold more minerals, antioxidants as well as other nutrients that are wholesome for your body.
  • First and foremost, sugar plays the dominant role in supporting our body by providing energy. By digestion, the sugar we consume will turn into glucose, which can be used by our cells to sustain the basic human life activity.
  • The unrefined sugar can provide no less energy compared with other types of sugar, while at the same time, it is more tasty. The aroma of unrefined sugar is fairly better than the other and just because of this merit, it is always blended with other materials in the making of cookies and desserts.
  • In addition to the basic energy unrefined energy provided to our human body, the nutrients it carries make it the perfect alternative to artificial enhancers.
  • Molasses, contained in unrefined sugar, is rich in iron, and it also encompasses natural absorption enhancers such as sulfur, fructose, and copper. As a consequence, the unrefined can be used to cure iron deficiency anemia.
  • What’s more, due to the minerals and vitamins contained in the unrefined sugar, people can have a more strong immune system to protect the body. Stronger immunity means higher cleaning power of viruses and safeguarding inner organs.
  • However, the artificial sweetener is nothing but sugar cane plus many processed chemical ingredients. It has a high potential to cause many health problems like tooth decay, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, kidney problems, and cancer.
  • In light of the least production procedure required, unrefined sugar has an edge in saving energy and protecting the environment. The production of unrefined sugar is as environmentally friendly as possible without any emission of green gas and waste of energy.

Our product

KHAND is a bestseller from Holy Cow Lakshyam with relatively reasonable price, eco-friendliness and nutrition.

Desi Khand is the raw form of sugar and it is less processed with powder-like tiny brown crystals obtained from sugarcane processing loaded with vitamins and minerals. It aims to help burn fat, enhance digestion and build immunity.

The production of KHAND is wholly organic. The sugarcane and sugar beet is grown on the farm. The natural cow dung can be used as manure to add nutrients to the land. When the sugarcane is harvested, women will be employed to manufacture and craft the raw material to convert it into the final product. It can be easily noticed that the production of KHAND could not only avoid the usage of fertilizer but also generate more job opportunities for women.


Nowadays, more and more health threats have resulted from the consumption of sugar. Nevertheless, it is important to know that not all sugars are produced and processed equally. If we want to reap from the healthy benefits of sugar, it must be unrefined sugar!    


Hawan Samagri – Going the Natural Way

The Hawan Samagri is a sacred offering in the yagna, and the entire samagri is considered to be auspicious.  After each mantra recitation, the havan samagri is offered in the fire, which may be found in yagnas and residences around the country. Every sort of Havan, such as lagan (marriage), Navagraha Homam, Punyaha Vachanam, Satya Narayana Puja, Yagya, Seemantham, Shanthi Path, Havan, Srirama / Sri Venkateswara Kalyana Utsavam, Shivji puja, durgastami, navratra puja, durga puja, guru purnima, Mahalaxmi pujan require Hawan Samagri. It is the holy food for the gods.

Havan Samagri as we know is a mixture of several dried homegrown roots and leaves. It is provided in the blazing fire that spreads in a smaller scale form, visible all around, to purify the land. Moreover, the fire acts as a pesticide for our home, the ash turns out to be a very effective fertilizer and the burning of herbs eliminates foul orders. But how often do we choke ourselves because of the smoke it creates and blurs our atmosphere? Quite often!

This clearly tells us that the materials used are not of good quality and could lead to serious respiratory consequences to our family and could potentially not serve the purpose of our noble intentions of pooja.

It is essential for these samagri to be pure since they represent our holiest ire. Thus, going the natural way is a new concept of having the Hawan Samagri for our poojas and other purposes. A process, known to purify the environment and thoughts needs the right and purest way to perform. Hence, using such a samagri proves to be antibacterial since the herbs used would be high quality in addition to working as a disinfecting germicidal agent in the air. The herbs used shouldn’t be compromised on quality to achieve maximum purification and good energy.

In the market of natural samagri, a lot of them turn out to be adulterated. Thus, to serve everyone with modest intentions, Holycow Lakshyam is working to bring a change by producing only organic, healthy, and eco-friendly products.

In an aim to provide high-grade materials, this initiative with the motto of creating a sustainable model has bought a Hawan Samagri made of 35 herbs and natural ingredients. These ingredients are sourced locally and are 100 percent organic. Moreover, it is filled with the love of nature and rural Indian women since they are provided employment opportunities to handcraft these Samagri’s with utmost dedication. The goal of being sustainable prevails consistently throughout the Samagri with the packaging being bio-degradable and recyclable. Holycow Hawan Samagri generates positive energy and raises your home’s oxygen level. It is chemical-free and uses flora as an input. The usage of Hawan Samagri on a regular basis is suggested for spiritual development. Burning Holycow’s Hawan Samagri creates a soothing ambiance and is beneficial to both bodily and spiritual well-being.

A sneak peek into the ingredients reveal the essential herbs like Cinnamon, Elaichi, Chandan, Amla, Rice, Lotus seeds, Rose Petals, Kapoor and several other materials needed to act as a natural detoxifier. Hawan Samagri’s natural essence delivers exquisite purity that is perfect for all occasions and even the daily routine of poojas, priced very reasonable with love.


Uses and Benefits of Cow Dung Pots

Anyone who buys plants knows that most nurseries sell the little saplings in plastic bags. Once the plants are transferred to mud or cement pots, the plastic bags are discarded. They either end up in landfills or are burnt – causing pollution and harming the environment. 

Worse, many of these little bags simply fly around and land in grazing areas for animals. The animals ingest them and die from gastrointestinal problems as a result.

Cow dung pots are manufactured from cow dung that has been compacted and sun-dried into the shape of pots. Unlike plants that are planted in a plastic pot or bag, the plants that are started in a cow dung pot can be planted directly in the ground without having to disturb their root ball. Once the plant gets bigger, its root will have a nice manure package to grow into. The pots withstand water well as long as they are not rained on and are not moved while wet.


  • It’s a biodegradable material.
  • The plant grows faster in Cow Pots than in other / regular pots.
  • Air Pruning and Root Penetration
  • RENEWABLE and RECYCLED, this is an excellent alternative to plastic pots.
  • Produced using Manure
  • It’s biodegradable, fertile, and doesn’t pollute the environment in the manufacturing process.
  • The pot’s water absorption rate is very modest, which prevents nutrient leaching.
  • This can also be used to sow expensive seeds directly in the field for optimal germination and plant/sapling growth.
  • The manufacturing and sourcing of these cow dung cups in the local area creates jobs.
  • Once the plant gets bigger in the cow dung pot and needs to be transplanted into the
    ground, there is no need to dig a deep hole. This pot with the plant can simply be placedat the designated spot and a small mound of mud created to conceal it.


1. Filling the pots with more than half the soil.
2. Place your plant in the pot.
3. Put a little amount of water in the pots.
4. Regularly watery the plant with little amount of water.

The market for cow dung pots has been a steadily growing one. As demand grows we find so many providers for the same. We recommend checking out Holycow Lakshyam’s Cow Pot which is organic, odourless, 100% bio-degradable, and chemical-free. It will ensure that your plant grows better and are good for the environment. So, with let’s take a pledge to make a difference and get rid of plastics pots!


Cow Dung Manure

Cow dung is a combination of indigestible plant matter, water, and other compounds excreted as waste from a cow. While we might avoid discussions of excreta in general, cow dung manure is worth discussing.

As the world tries to move on to eco-friendly and sustainable farming, it is no surprise that cow dung manure plays an important role. Cow dung has always been an important source of bio-fertilizer. It is rich in minerals like phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen which form the base of any chemical-based fertilizer hence can be looked at as a viable alternative. It can additionally improve soil texture and its moisture-retention capabilities. It also supports the growth of beneficial microorganisms. A proper application of cow dung manure enhances the productivity of yield with the minimization of bacterial and fungal pathogenic disease. 

From a sustainability point of view, cows can play an important role as positive energy by transforming plant energy to useful energy in form of work or in the form of dung and urine used for fuel through dung cakes or biogas to replace charcoal, fuelwood, firewood, etc. Farming and agricultural production in our nation used to be done using the traditional age-old manner, with cow dung, among other things, functioning as manure. There are several compounds made from cow dung and urine that may be utilized as fertilizers and bug repellents in agricultural practices. These items are quite popular and are being used daily. Low soil fertility is one of the most significant biophysical barriers to agroforestry crop production across the world. Cow dung is a great way to keep the soil’s production capacity up and boost the microbial population. However, because of rising population pressure and demand for food supplies, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides are introduced to the land which is disrupting soil physio-chemical qualities such as soil texture, porosity, and water holding capacity, as well as the microbial community in the soil. As a result, incorrect usage of cow dung should be discontinued, and it should only be put to fields instead of artificial fertilizers, to maintain soil productivity and sustainability, hence increasing the production capacity of food wealth.

Constituents of Cow Dung Manure: 

Cow dung is high in organic content and nutritional density. It contains a 3 percent nitrogen concentration, a 2% phosphorus level, and a 1% potassium content. NPK (3-2-1).

Advantages of Cow Dung Manure:

  • It’s an organic fertilizer and manure that’s full of nutrients that plants need to thrive.
  • The moisture-holding capacity of the soil is improved by mixing composted cow dung into the soil.
  • It has a light texture and is odourless.
  • The porosity of the manure is higher.
  • It’s chemical-free.
  • Provides nutrients essential for healthy plant growth.

Proper use of cow dung manure is an important step as we look towards organic farming and essentially replace harmful chemical-based fertilizers.  

The market for cow dung manure providers has been a steadily growing one. As demand grows we find so many providers for the same. We recommend checking out Holycow Lakshyam KHAAD (Manure)an organic, odourless, chemical-free manure that will enrich the soil with 100% natural Khaad. It will ensure that your daily food intake is free from chemicals and help you achieve an organic goal.


Benefits of Cow Dung Dhoop Sticks

Cows and their products are ingrained in Hindu culture, owing to the positive effects they have on health, well-being, and immunity. Cow dung’s cleansing and antibacterial characteristics have various applications in our daily lives and worship. Dhoop sticks are one such example. Organic dhoop made from cow dung creates a conscious religious and spiritual aura at home.

There are many fragrant Dhoop sticks on the market that are made with coal and other artificial fragrances that offer a soothing effect but are harmful when inhaled, just like insect repellents, and with children and the elderly at home, a new way to make them vulnerable to diseases is certainly not what you want. As a result, always look for incense sticks that are prepared in the most attractive way possible from Indian cow dung. 

Holy cow’s dhoop sticks has numerous health benefits due to its antibacterial qualities. The ingredients of these dhoop sticks include HawanSamagri, Cow Dung Powder, Devdar Powder, Lakdi Powder, Goughirit, Coconut oil, Googal. A havan is believed to purify both the environment and the devotee. When the samagri burns in the fire, it emits smoke and a scent that purifies the air and is considered to be antibacterial if the material is of good quality. By buying a product from Holy cow you can impact the lives of our three mothers – Cow, Women and Earth. The items are environmentally beneficial; rural women are employed; no cows are harmed in the production of the products; and no machine-based products are produced. Cattle that have been abandoned are given a home where they are fed and cared for. All the items are produced in a cow shelter in Barsanathat now houses 56000 rescued cows from the streets (These cows are left behind once they stop giving milk or are male counterparts). Local village women use the dung and urine of these abandoned cows to manufacture the final products under the supervision of the gaushala’s research lab.

Benefits of Cow Dung Dhoop Sticks

  • It aids in the creation of a secure environment and the elimination of mosquitoes.
  • It purifies the air and instils a spiritual sense of serenity. 
  • The incense sticks are free of artificial chemicals and made with 100 percent true organic herbs. 
  • The cow dung produces a huge amount of oxygen which stimulates our nervous system and empowers our thinking and analytical abilities.
  • The cow dung dhoop sticks have a wide range of medical and therapeutic capabilities, such as the ability to treat asthma, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, bronchitis, and digestive issues, among other ailments, all of which can be treated using aromatherapy.
  • The incense sticks are also incredibly efficient at improving attention and concentration, which is why monks and sages from all civilizations have made them an intrinsic element of their monasteries and places of worship.
  • It reduces the levels of indoor air pollutants such as SO2 and NO2 produced by gas stoves. 
  • The organic dhoop manufactured from cow dung gives your home a religious and spiritual feel. 
  • It helps in removing mental stress and negative thoughts from your mind and keeps you at peace.
  • The ashes can also be used as manure for your houseplants.

Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

The origin of herbal tea dates back to Ancient China and Egypt. It has been used for centuries due to its health benefits and healing properties. In Modern times, herbal tea has become an important addition to a healthy diet plan more than ever. Herbal tea is completely caffeine-free and made from a variety of mixed herbs, plants, seeds, fresh & dried flowers, roots and spices. Herbal teas are not made using any leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant.  There are numerous health benefits of herbal tea and it is becoming more and more popular all over the world.

Nowadays, people have started to prefer herbal tea instead of regular tea with milk and sugar, as it is more beneficial for our bodies. There are many varieties of herbal tea in the market that one can choose from according to their personal taste. Herbal tea is usually consumed by pouring boiling water over the dried & crushed herbs and letting them sink in for a few minutes. The herbal tea is then strained, sweetened if desired, and served. One can safely drink 3 to 4 cups a day without having to worry about any side effects.

There are so many benefits of herbal tea and many are still being researched. It has both physical and mental benefits. Herbal Tea benefits include a boost in immunity, reduced inflammation, overcoming stress, sound sleep and much more.  If you’re drinking tea for the medicinal benefits, steep the loose tea or tea bags for long enough – even 15 minutes – to really bring out the healthy properties.

COVID-19 pandemic thas aught us that improving our immune system should be a priority. People are now returning to their roots and started adding natural ingredients to their diet. Herbal tea or ‘kadha’ (a name given in Indian homes) is one of the best drinks with a lot of healthy benefits. Daily consumption of this drink is recommended by most doctors as well. And it has helped and benefited every household during times of self-isolation and lockdown as well. Since ancient times, this kadha (herbal tea) formulation has been used very effectively for various problems. So let’s discuss the most common benefits of herbal tea.

10 Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

1. Boosts Immunity

The most common benefit of herbal tea is that it helps to boost our immunity power. It has lots of vitamins and anti-oxidants which help our immune system to fight against illness and chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, etc.  Antioxidants present in herbal tea help to reduce internal infection by destroying free radicles. 

2. Increases Iron in the Body

Our body needs iron to manufacture red blood cells (RBC) to maintain adequate hemoglobin levels. Herbal teas contain a good amount of iron, calcium, silica & other essential minerals that can boost the overall health of our body. Drinking Herbal tea is the best natural remedy to overcome the mineral deficiency.

3. Cures Cough and Cold

Cough and cold are the most common infections that we have to deal with. The best natural remedy t cure cod and cough is Herbal Tea. It reduces the decongestion in the nasal cavity and reduces throat soreness. Some herbal teas which are good for cold & cough are Honey Tea, Thyme Tea, Clove Tea, Lemon Tea, Peppermint Tea, Ginger Tea, Elderflower Tea and Licorice Tea.

Ginger tea mixed with lemon is an excellent herbal tea and is effective in the early stages of cold and cough.  Apart from the warming effects, Herbal Tea also reduces rheumatic aches and pains.

Another beneficial herbal tea is thyme tea which is effective in the treatment of a cold. Thyme is a Mediterranean plant that contains properties that protect it from viruses and infections.

4. Improves Digestion

Herbal tea is a natural solution for problems related to digestion. It helps in the breakdown of fats and reduces the chances of indigestion and bloating.  Herbel Teas that have peppermint, ginger, chamomile and cinnamon are the best ones to improve digestion. Peppermint, a green herb from the ‘Mentha Piperita’ plant is well known for its refreshing flavor and ability to soothe an upset stomach.

Some herbal teas contain spearmint that reduces your urge to overeat and prevents excessive pressure on the stomach and digestive system of our body. Herbal tea like Fennel Tea helps in curing stomachache and constipation It also helps in the digestion of food and reduces gastric problems. Drinking the tea can stimulate the production of bile in the gall bladder, therefore relieving that sick feeling.

5. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

One of the best benefits of herbal tea is that it can help relieve stress and anxiety by working as an anti-depressant. Herbal tea calms our minds from all kinds of stress and releases chemicals into the brain that help to reduce stress and depression. Herbal tea can do miraculous stuff when it comes to treating insomnia. People who suffer from insomnia are advised to drink herbal tea before going t bed. Regular use of herbal tea can help you to enjoy a sound sleep.

Chamomile tea is one of the best herbal tea that relieves stress and anxiety. It has a calm, relaxing and soothing effect on the brain’s functioning.

6. Reduces Inflammation

Herbal teas are rich sources of natural bioactive compounds that render biological effects such as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. They contain anti-inflammatory properties to relieve rheumatic aches caused due to widening of blood vessels. Herbal Tea has lots of medicinal properties that help to reduce pain and swelling in muscles and joints. Ginger herbal tea is one of the best herbal tea that reduces inflammation.

7. Anti Aging Properties

If you want to look young forever and have that radiant glow on your face, then make a habit of drinking herbal tea regularly. Herbal tea reduces the aging of cells and makes the tissues stronger. This helps out skin and hair look younger and radiant. So stop using chemical products and start drinking herbal tea to slow down the aging process.

Some of the best herbal teas for anti-aging are chamomile, hibiscus, rooibos and white tea.

8. Lowers Blood Pressure

Herbal teas benefit our body by lowering down blood pressure. People having mild diabetes are often recommended by doctors to drink herbal tea. Herbal tea helps in controlling blood pressure without affecting overall health. Health problems like heart-related and kidney-related can be avoided by drinking 1-2 cups of herbal tea daily. Hibiscus tea is one of the best herbal tea for lowering blood pressure.

9. Helps in Weight Loss

One of the best benefits of herbal tea is that it helps in controlling your weight. Some herbal teas like green tea have antioxidants called catechins and a substance called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is believed to increase metabolism and help burn fat. When you consume herbal tea for consistently longer periods of time, it causes changes in the expression of fat metabolism genes. Hence, herbal tea is very beneficial in lowering excess weight and keep you fit and healthy.

Some of the best herbal tea for weight loss are peppermint, hibiscus and gree tea. 

10. Promotes Flawless Skin/ Rejuvenates Tissue Cells

Herbal Tea is very beneficial for keeping your asking fresh and flawless. It helps in the remedy of skin problems like acne, pimples, and blemishes which can be caused at any age. It removes all the toxins from the body and gives you clean and clear skin in the long run.

Women usually tend to look for the benefits of herbal tea for skin. To reap the herbal tea benefits you can either ingest it or can directly apply it to the skin. One of the best herbal tea is chamomile tea that keeps the skin healthy and glowing due to its antibacterial properties and antioxidants. Herbal Tea is the best natural way for cell rejuvenation and growth. As it is rich in anti-oxidant properties, it makes the tissues stronger and helps prevent cell damage.

Some of the best types of herbal tea are:-

  • Chamomile Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Ginger Tea
  • Cinnamon Tea
  • Dandelion Tea
  • Echinacea Tea
  • Fennel Tea
  • Ginseng Tea
  • Gingko Tea
  • Honey Tea
  • Thyme Tea
  • Clove Tea
  • Peppermint Tea
  • Elderflower Tea
  • Licorice Tea


Now that you have figured out the benefits of herbal tea, it would be wise to include them in your diet. There are an array of health benefits of herbal tea that make it an ideal substitute for sugary and caffeinated drinks. 

Our Recommendation

When you find yourself overwhelmed by the varieties of herbal tea on offer, just make sure that you choose a well-sourced product with high-quality ingredients. We recommend you checking out Holy Lakshyam’s Herbal Tea. It is made from pure organic high-quality ingredients like Elaichi (cardamon), Tulsi (basil), Sonth (dried ginger), Kali mirch (black pepper), Dalchini (cinnamon), Mulethi (licorice root), Babool (acacia), Jai Phal (nutmeg), Arjun, Tejpata (bay leaf), Lavang (cloves), Khadir, Amal Tas (golden shower tree), Pippali and Majishtha. Not only does it taste good, but it will also keep you healthy and fit in the long run as well if used regularly.

benefits of herbal tea
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