1. • Is it safe and healthy to use Holycow Lakshyam products?

    Yes, all the edible products have FSSAI license. And other products are also lab tested & have the necessary certifications from the concerned departments which are mentioned in the product packing.

  2. • Are the products vegan?

    Vegan products are those which do not use any form of animal produce. But we use Cow Dung & Urine in our products to give them a better life. We are completely against milk & it’s by product as we believe that the milk is meant primarily for the calf.

  3. • While formulating products, are animals inflicted pain/abuse?

    None of the animals are harmed, rather we rescue and provide shelter to animals that are suffering from any kind of disability, illness or left abandoned in the streets. We respect our mother cows and take care of them.

  4. • How HCL make the products?

    At our partner Shree Mataji Gaushala Barsana (Mathura) U.P, and in our animal petting farm in Delhi with help of local women.

  5. • Are the products eco-friendly?

    Definitely Yes, all the products are eco-friendly and sustainable. From raw material to product packaging, great attention is paid to create non polluting environment. We are 100% planet positive brand.

  6. • Are the products 100% natural and organic?


  7. • Are the products recyclable?


  8. • Is milk/ghee used in making HCL products?

    No, we primarily prefer waste material i.e. dung and urine.

  9. • How the cow is provided shelter?

    Shree Mataji Gaushala Barsana (Mathura) U.P is our partner which is the biggest gaushala in the world catering to the needs of 56,000 cows in Barsana, Uttar Pradesh. The gaushala is made in 100 acres of land plus has a whole patch of mountains where cows are also sent for free movement & grazing.


  10. • How are the products medicinal?

    All the products are made through ayurvedic process, which has great amount of herbs, distilled cow urine, made with ancient values & process.


  11. • Are the products chemical-free?

    Yes, no artificial content is used while formulating products.


  12. • How are we empowering 3 mothers; Cow, Women & Earth?

    HCL aims to deliver the interest of our beneficiaries and providers hand in hand. Our holistic goal is to safeguard the cattle’s and ensure proper cattle management, generate source of employment for rural women by engaging them in our initiative and ultimately protect planet Earth by subtracting any use of plastic.


  13. • Which type of cow is used to make products?

    The rescued cows found in streets & who eventually go to Cow shelter home are used to make products.

  14. • Are your products available offline?
  15. • What is unique feature about HCL?

    The USP of the product is we use cow dung & cow urine to make the products , which has lot of ancient values & medicinal traits.


  16. • Can I fund/sponsor cow care?

    Yes, you can sponsor a cow care through our organizations; Holy Cow Foundation . It’s Rs 12,000/-annually, where we take care of cow’s physical and medical well being.

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