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“We live in a world with all its odd and even, right and wrong, beautiful and ugly but at the crux of it, everything is contingent on our perspective. Change can only be brought if there exists the courage to question the norms and the will to undertake the actions however hard it is!”
-Anuradha Modi & Raashi Anand, Founders Holy Cow Lakshyam

In the spirit of the above motto, we want to reintroduce products that have been a part of our culture over the ages, written in our scriptures & now scientifically tested as well: products made from cow dung & cow urine. HolyCow Lakshyam, a social enterprise has formulated products with ingredients that come from organic sources and have medicinal and eco-friendly properties, thus, benefitting you & the community as a whole. 


The products cover a wide range from health & wellness to home utility. A total of 10 products include chavanprash, herbal tea, gur, khand, dhoop sticks, phenyl, hawan samagri, khaad (manure), cow dung cake (uplee) and health tonic. Every product has a story! 

All the products are made in a cow shelter home in Barsana which currently has 56000 rescued cows from the streets (These cows are left behind once they stop giving milk or are male counterparts). The dung & urine of these abandoned cows are used by local village women to make the final products under the supervision of the research lab in the gaushala.

The entire essence of our establishment lies in putting together an entrepreneurial model that tackles social problems head-on with unwavering determination even in the face of backlash or criticism. Handmade with love, filled with kindness & presented in a packaging that is beneficial for you & the environment, our endeavour is to ensure that:

• The products are environment friendly
• Rural women are provided employment opportunities
• No cow undergoes any ill-treatment while making the products
• No machine-based products are made
• Stray cattle are provided with a home where they are well-fed and taken care of

The social venture ensures from the inception that we create a direct impact as well through our NG0 Partner Holy Cow Foundation & Lakshyam NGO 

How we work ?

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We aim to create sustainable replicable development models ensuring to impact the lives of our 3 mothers- Cow, Women & Earth

Team Members


Anuradha Modi , Advisor

Lakshyam is extremely proud to have as an advisor, Ms. Anuradha Modi who, since the last 40 years, continues to be a thoroughly driven activist for animal rights. She is the driving force behind the Holy Cow Foundation, which she started for the protection and care of cows in India. After learning about the pitiable conditions of indigenous cows and the various ways through which these cows benefit mankind, she decided to take the initiative for this cause and established the Holy Cow Foundation.

An avid animal lover, Ms. Anuradha has consistently worked in the sphere of animal welfare and is the Founder of Friendicoes SECA, and the co-founder of KARE (Kindness to Animals and Respect for Environment). Ms. Anuradha had organized the first Pet Show in India, back in 1975, with the idea to spread awareness about raising healthier and happier pets rather than giving importance to the breed of the dog. Her article, and the concept, ‘Killing the Crisis Not the Animal’, was the starting point for the ABC (Animal Birth Control) Project for Stray Dogs at the governmental level in our country.

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Raashi Anand, Director

Ms. Rashi Anand has always had the vision “to create a place where all living beings co-exist & co-create in harmony.” She took a major step towards this vision by establishing Lakshyam, a not-for-profit organization committed to uplift children and women through education & employment. Founded in 2012, Lakshyam has strengthened its foothold in 12 states of India within a span of nine years. 

Along with this, she actively contributes towards the protection of women in the workplace as a member of the Anti-Sexual Harassment Committees of several organizations. She is also a Board of Director in Championer organization, UK as well as in the Holy Cow Foundation and a Core Committee Member of the PHD Women entrepreneurship committee. Ms. Rashi Anand’s vision of creating an atmosphere of harmonious co-existence of all living beings has led her to start HolyCow Lakshyam with the aim of aligning humans and animals not just with each other but also with the environment.

Ms. Rashi is an active social entrepreneur and a young change-maker awarded and recognized for her work with more than 35 titles.


Aman Wadhawan , Director

When we think of any organization, besides the product/service that it delivers, there are two crucial aspects that make the organization leave its mark on the society at large: Innovation and Marketing.
Lakshyam has the fortune of having 2 women activists to work on the Innovation aspect.

For the successful functioning of the Marketing aspect, we have onboard Mr. Aman Wadhwan, as a director with Lakshyam. Mr. Wadhwan comes with vast experience in the field of marketing, having worked with several different products from spare parts to real estate. A strong advocate of working hard to achieve your goals, he believes “A dream does not become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.”

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    Holy Cow lakshyam , a social enterprise has formulated products with ingredients that are taken from organic backgrounds and have medicinal and eco-friendly traits, benefitting you & the community as a whole.