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DHOOP STICKS (Agarbatti)


Quantity 40 sticks in a box

  • Experience positive and chemical-free surroundings with our dhoop sticks, made out of desi cow’s dung.
  • It helps in creating a safe environment and helps in eliminating mosquitoes.
  • The ashes also can be put in your home plants which act as manure.
Usage Place on a stand and light for purity and fragrance.
  • Hawan Samagri 62%
  • Cow Dung Powder 10%
  • Devdar Powder 5%
  • Lakdi Powder 10%
  • Goughirit 5%
  • Coconut oil 5%
  • Googal 3%




  1. How long does your dhoop stick burn for?
    45 minutes
  2. Are the dhoop sticks fragranced or odorless?
    Our dhoop sticks contain 40 herbs and have a rich natural fragrance, which is chemical-free and has no harmful inhalers.
  3. Is there any chemical added to your incense stick?


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    Holy Cow lakshyam , a social enterprise has formulated products with ingredients that are taken from organic backgrounds and have medicinal and eco-friendly traits, benefitting you & the community as a whole.