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Gardening Product Kit

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What’s Included?
  1. Cow Dung Plant Pots – 2 pieces
  2. Cow Dung Manure – 1 Kg
  3. Seed Balls – 2 pieces

A handcrafted product kit for all the gardening and  environment lovers. Make the grass greener on your side by using our gardening care products.

  • Cow Dung Pots are 100% bio-degradable and decompose faster.
  • Cow Dung Pots give seedlings a better start as young roots easily penetrate the sides and bottoms of the pots.
  • Cow Dung pots are the best replacement of plastic pots. Hence, they are good for the environment.
  • The organic manure is made from the process of Vermicomposting and hence is the best quality organic fertilizer for plants.
  • Our high quality cow dung vermicompost helps in adding extra nutrients and minerals to your home and garden soil.
  • This fine textured manure is developed from composted cow dung of Indian Desi Cows.
  • It increases the number of beneficial bacteria which converts soil nutrients into easily accessible forms for the tender plants.
  • A seed ball is a marble sized ball made of cow dung, earth soil and seeds.
  • Seed balls have an 80 percent growth success rate in comparison to regular seedlings.
  • The best times to scatter seed bombs in the garden are spring and autumn.
  • Easy to use and make, Seed Balls help to bring back the greenery and colorful pollinator habitats to barren lands or neglected areas also.
  • Seed balls can be sowed in garden soil or in pots as well.
Usage Put the seeds or saplings in the cow dung pot with soil. Once the seed is grown into a plant, just put the pot inside the bigger pot. The cow dung pot will automatically decompose & become manure.

Put the manure in your plants or garden as per the need.

Ingredients Cow Dung Plant Pots – Made from Cow Manure and Soil.

Manure – Pure Cow Dung of Desi Indian Cows.

Seed Balls – Cow Dung, Soil, Water and Seasonal Seeds.

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1 review for Gardening Product Kit

  1. Harsh Mehta

    The seedballs and the whole kit was helpful as it had fine texture and truly good quality of vermicompost.

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