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Gur (Jaggery)


Quantity 500 gms

  • Gur helps in purifying blood
  • Good for digestion & cools the stomach
  • Prevents anemia & cures cold and cough
  • Provides instant energy & prevents asthma
  • Reduces joint pain and menstrual pain.
Usage Eat a piece of jaggery every day
Ingredients Grown at farms that use cow dung as manure.



1. How does Gur come under the product range of Holy Cow Lakshyam?
It does not have any direct cow dung or urine in it. We are selling it because we provide cow dung manure to the SHG who uses only cow dung manure in their farming & thus it comes under our product range.

2. Is there any artificial sweetener in gur (jaggery)?
No, it is a pure raw form of sugarcane.

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Weight 550 g


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