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Health Tonic


Quantity 100 ml, 500 ml

  • Our health tonic has the potential to root out almost any ailment.
  • Improves metabolism and lowers cholesterol levels.
  • Effective in liver disorder, obesity, indigestion & acidity.
  • Increases vitality and repairs & regenerates damaged tissues and cells.
  • It is a distilled form of cow urine.
Usage It has to be taken empty stomach, once or twice a day. Add 5-10ml tonic to the double quantity of water. Milk should be taken after a minimum gap of 1 hour.
  • Natural Alkaline Distillate (Gaumatra) 80ml
  • Vijayasar ark 10ml
  • Lavang Ark 5gm
  • Sounf 5ml



1. How does health tonic regenerates and repairs tissue cells?
Health tonic is distilled form of cow urine. It helps in balancing 3 dosas i.e vaat, pit, and kaf. It gives an immediate effect on the liver disorders and the digestive system. Through cow therapy, people have recovered from cancer as well.
Reference Book – Holy Cancer: How A Cow Saved My Life, A Memoir by Amit Vaidya.
2. Is cow urine added in the Health tonic?
Yes, it is a distilled form of cow urine.

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100 ml, 500 ml


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