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KHAAD (Manure)

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Benefits Enrich your soil with our 100% Natural Khaad. It is free of poisonous chemicals/ fertilizers and hence good for the environment. Our Organic Manure is made of Vermicompost method in which cow dung manure is decomposed using various species of worms. Vermicompost contains water-soluble nutrients and is an excellent, nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner. It can be used in gardening and sustainable, organic farming. The worms feeds cow dung manure and produce nutrient-rich manure in the form of excreta. The excreta of earthworms are nutritious and hence the soil becomes fertile.

  • 100% natural and organic cow dung manure for home & garden plants.
  • The organic manure is made from the process of Vermicomposting and hence is the best quality organic fertilizer for plants.
  • Our high quality cow dung vermicompost helps in adding extra nutrients and minerals to your home and garden soil.
  • This fine textured manure is developed from composted cow dung of Indian Desi Cows.
  • Vermicompost is easy to store and easy to use. (Store it in a shady areas where direct sunlight not coming).
  • Vermicompost is best fertilizer for kitchen garden terrace garden, pot/container plants.
  • It increases the number of beneficial bacteria which converts soil nutrients into easily accessible forms for the tender plants.
  • Soil moisture storage capacity increases.
Usage Put in your plants or garden as per the need.
Ingredients Pure Cow Dung of Desi Indian Cows.





1.Does it smells like cow dung?
No, it doesn’t smell like fresh cow dung. It is composted form of cow dung.
2. Is it purely organic?
3. Can the khaad be used for indoor plants?
4. How it is different from other manure?
Our khaad is chemical-free. It makes plants healthy and greener.

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2 reviews for KHAAD (Manure)

  1. Gurpreet

    I am using this khaad for the last year, and it is showing great results on my plants. This khaad helps my plants to grow faster with a lot of fruits. Would recommend everyone who loves their plants

  2. Ruby Bedi

    Very Good!

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